Sunday, December 9, 2012


Dear Husband,

I just wanted to remind u that u are such an amazing person. u are an amazing man, amazing friend, amazing son, amazing brother, amazing uncle, and i wish someday u will be an amazing dad. Thanks for being by my side when i need  u and patiently listening to my pot pet pot pet. 
Sometime i dont know the right things to say when u're down but i hope u see that i try my best. Please dont ever lose faith because i know u can get through anything life every throwhs at u. U will always have me by ur side and i will always be eager to hold ur hand through it all. InsyaAllah. Be happy, strong, and be U because i enjoy every bit of it. 
U are my strength and weakness, my joy and headache but i am so thankful and glad that every morning i wake up and think about u and every night i dream about u. Thank u for the love and the joy u bring. I just want u to know how happy am i to have u in my life and thanks Allah for that. 

with love,

Ainn Mustafar

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